It’s well known that ‘Merica’s Guv’mint has secret files on you, and your kin. And of course they have files on your dead kin, but did you know they’ve got ’em on the risen? Were talkin’ ZOMBIES here…

CONOP 8888 was “buried on the military’s secret computer network,” according to Foreign Policy magazine. Within this document resides our nation’s best mind’s plans on how we’re gonna survive the Zombie Apocalypse. The Pentagon even confirms that although this is an unclassified document (not declassified) it was pulled together as a training exercise:

“…to ensure maximum utility in times of crisis.”

Zombie Chickens Terror in Pentagon Paper, CONOP 8888.
Zombie Chickens Terror in Pentagon Paper, CONOP 8888.

CONOP 8888 address the types of zombies there are – and here you thought there was just one type of undead. Nope. There’s the Pathogenic, ya know, the biologically infected kind, then there’s Radiation Zombies, Evil Magic Zombies, now, this is according to the government, don’t ask me! There’s more: There are Space Zombies, Weaponized Zombies, Yikes, Symbiant-Induced Zombies and Chicken and Vegan Zombies. Chicken Zombies are a known entity to farmers. Grandma hens that no longer lay eggs get the hose from the back of the car, in other words they’re put down using carbon monoxide, but sometimes they rise again!

Beware! And eat fried chicken.

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