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Jes Fisher Willson

Jes Fisher Willson

Sci-fi enthusiast, technophobe that loves technology and now timid bicyclist after getting run over by a big-rig moving truck in Cambridge, Jes found herself in the midst of a story that would not be denied. Dreams were action adventure movies in the making and forced her to start writing fiction in a big way. Read more about Boston Under Siege or check out the Kirkus Review.

She also developed White Light Tarot TM because of a need for constant validation. A consummate do-it-yourselfer, Jes painted her interpretation of the tarot, programmed the web app in Java, and connected the dots with Reiki creating the first ever reiki-tarot deck that helps you sort out and balance the energies involved in the questions you pose.

With that project she became a publisher at Sylphar Press.The tarot deck is available as an online app, a download for free, or in paper form as a book and tarot deck available for purchase from AmazonBarnes & Nobles, and White Light Tarot’s website, as well as finer independent New Age purveyors. She is the web admin for the American Tarot Association,  and a contributing editor for the arts and indie online zine Virago Magazine. She has worked in museums, tv stations, universities and publishing. Now, she’s mostly writing fiction as fast as she can in and around Boston, MA.

Follow and tweet her @bostonzombie411.