Fresh Art: Review of The Paine Scholarship Show

Stephen D. Paine Scholarship Exhibition

Fresh Art

Paine Scholarship Show

Jaime Eduardo Restrepo’s “Perfect Boy”

Congratulations to the honorable mentions and the recipients of the Stephen D. Paine Scholarship award from Mass College of Art and the Museum School. It was nice to meet Mrs. Susan Woods Paine and some of the artists, including the kid from Alabama, though I don’t think I got to see your work. I think that Corey Dunlap’s work is reminiscent of recent work by Jeff Koons, given the nudity and the mylar.
 Jamie Eduardo Restrepo’s “Poor Perfect Boy” is a terrific concept well executed, especially since the recorded audio I heard was perfect for me – “This Charming Man” by Morrisey. The viewer stands looking into the face of a boy (the artist) wearing red lipstick singing into a mirror, but the mirror is clear glass and you are his reflection. The young woman artist, Lisa Mallard, not part of the show, who sat behind a desk, said her song was perfect for her and it was Selene. So I think this young man is on to something.

Frances Shedd Fisher,  Founding Member

Miro Hoffman, from New Orleans had real paintings up, something Mrs. Frances Shedd Fisher, a founding member of the Scholarship said she hadn’t seen in awhile. I hooted a shout out to Mardi Gras during Mr. Hoffman’s acceptance, and Mrs. Paine noted that this this auspicious event was happening on the anniversary of the thirteenth year of the award in the thirteenth year of the century and on the thirteenth day of the month – 02/13/13. So lucky thirteen.

Lisa Mallard – not associated with Paine 

The show was fun. None of the artists took themselves too seriously, but they did take their work seriously. Since the show was in the Suffolk University Art Gallery at 75 Arlington St. Boston, MA one could see student work practically in progress. Lisa Mallard, attending Suffolk, said hers was made fresh that day.

Alex Horan

Christina R. Kelly

Corey Dunlap

Jaime Eduardo Restrepo

Michael Bucuzzo

Paine Scholarship 2012 Recipients

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