About The Book

The Apocalypse will not be motorized.

Boston Under Siege

boston under siege by  fisher willson (c) 2014

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Dystopian Boston is under martial law. Newly minted Phd, Ami Alpert, and her bike messenger boyfriend, Trips Kentigern, are stuck in town for the duration. Their friends, Ichiro Kai, and Alexx Spiros show them the ropes for staying alive. It’s a little weird, but everyone is carrying and the Army is hiring couriers to root out the zombies. Trips is their best candidate to keep an unruly bunch of bike messengers from going astray and getting themselves killed while luring blood sucking freaks out of hiding. During a skirmish with Amos, a leader in the rebellion, Trips is injured. Worried that he’ll change, Ami and the gang take him back to the lab which is off limits. They encounter a hostile situation and flee the scene, but leave evidence behind. To protect his friends, Trips confesses and is conscripted to lead scouts into the heart of the infected area. Upon returning, he learns that messengers are being held as blood banks. He mounts a successful rescue only to find his Ami got taken hostage as the ultimate blood bank. Now, it’s personal and he’ll stop at nothing to get her back.